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Wrongo Dongo

When a customer made a special request for us to carry a wine called Wrongo Dongo that she had at a restaurant I wasn’t expecting that when we got it in I would love the label so much. It’s kind of hard to tell from the picture but the label is actually silk (I believe) and makes the gold colors in the boxes shine and is very eye catching. The type choice is also very fitting. Its simple yet attractive. This label makes me immediately want to try this wine. I’ll update again when I get a chance to taste it and find out if it lives up to its label’s design!

wrongo dongo red wine label


What this is all about?

Working at a wine and spirits store I occasionally get a customer who admits to buying a bottle of wine simply because of the label. They usually act bashful about it, but I’m the same way, and I have good reason to be! I believe that a company who takes the time and consideration of having a nicely designed label have probably taken the time and consideration into having a nicely designed wine. This is of course not always the case, but more times than not this theory holds true! I have discovered some of my favorite wines because I purchased them based on their label. My hope for this blog is to document and share some of the exceptional labels and package designs I find on a daily basis working in the wine and spirits industry. My love for labels is not limited to only wine, as there are many liquor and beer companies that do an excellent job with their designs as well. If you have a passion for the aesthetically pleasing and the palette pleasing than you have come to the right place. Cheers!